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Choosing a Wedding Band 

       to Complement 

   Engagement Rings


The engagement ring and wedding band are the symbols of one’s marriage. These must complement one another without exactly being a set or a matching pair. Choosing the right wedding band after the engagement ring has been given can be a challenge depending on what kind of ring was given. Is it a traditional ring or a ring with a modern design? These are just some of the considerations when out wedding band hunting. To make this step easier for the bride and groom to be, here are some tips in selecting the perfect wedding band for certain engagement ring designs.


Engagement Rings and Wedding Band Pairings


1.    Simple Solitaire – This is a classic engagement ring style, it can either be a princess cut, round cut or emerald cut. This ring is one of the easiest to match and will usually look great when paired with a simple diamond wedding band. This adds an extra touch of sparkle.

2.    Pave Band – If the engagement ring you have has an eternity or half eternity diamond bend, it is best to choose a simple wedding band without a gem to keep the focus on the sparkling engagement ring.

3.    Three Stone – For rings with three gem stones, opt for wedding bands that feature the same stones.

4.    Colored Stone – If the engagement ring has a colored focal stone, why not consider a wedding band with the same colored gem. A wedding band alternating the colored stone on the engagement ring with white gemstones is a great choice since it complements the engagement ring without stealing the show.

5.     Unique Shapes – Interesting shaped rings have been popular in the past few years, if you have an engagement ring like this it is best to choose a wedding band that complements the curves of the engagement ring.

6.    Simple Band – A trend that has been popular in the wedding industry recently are engagement bands. To complement this kind of engagement ring, use a thing wedding band using the same metal but incorporated with colored stones.

7.    Extravagant Design – There are rings that can catch anyone’s eye when worn alone. To complement a stunning and glamorous engagement ring, choose a wedding band that is equally stunning which can be worn on the right hand.

8.    Modern Design – Today’s engagement ring is usually simple and elegant. If one is presented with a modern engagement ring, it is ideal to select sleek bands with minimal decorations. Steer clear from over the top wedding band designs when pairing with modern engagement rings.

9.    Vintage Inspiration – The sensational engagement ring designs from the past were usually ones with engraving filled with intricate decorations. To create a cohesive and complementary feel, choose a wedding band that highlights a specific element from the engagement ring, an example is engraved flowers.

10.  Organic Rings – When choosing wedding bands, the texture and finish as well as the metal used are important factors. A great idea is selecting a hammered metal wedding band to complement the hand crafted vibe of and organic engagement ring.


These are just some of the great ideas when choosing wedding bands to complement one’s engagement rings.  


About the author

Sofia Angeli is a PR & communications consultant for companies in various industries. In particular, she brings her writing skills and passion for travel, culture, arts and lifestyle, including wedding planning and engagement rings, to the online world.







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