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Re-affirmation of marriage vow ceremonies


A Re-affirmation Ceremony

A Re-affirmation Ceremony is a very special way to enhance your celebrations for your special anniversary or to get your family and friends together to share with you your commitment to your marriage and each other. Your own personally designed ceremony presented by our experienced celebrant will make the occasion really a day to remember.

A Re-affirmation ceremony is:

  • For married couples who wish to celebrate renewing their marriage vows in a unique and personal ceremony.
  • Often associated with a special wedding anniversary
  • Appropriate for couples at any stage of marriage who wish to celebrate their renewed commitment to each other.
  • Often used by couples who married abroad to introduce their marriage to their larger circle of family and friends now they have returned home.

Things you should know about our re-affirmation of marriage vows ceremonies:

  • A ceremony can be held at any time after the marriage from a few days or weeks to many, many years of sharing married life. Special anniversaries are popular as are ceremonies for couples who married abroad and now want to share their public commitment to each other in a ceremony.
  • The ceremony will last about 20 minutes - a little longer or a little less depending on your choices.
  • To design your unique and personal occasion we will arrange an appointment for you to meet a celebrant. We will then build around the particular choices you make to make a ceremony for your special occasion.
  • We offer ceremonies on most days at most times. For ceremonies at venues you should talk to the managers about suitable times and dates then ring us for the  availability of a celebrant. 
  • You will receive a special certificate commemorating the ceremony. There is a choice of certificate styles and you may purchase extra certificates for a small fee - they make a lovely momento of the day.
  • The ceremony has no legal status, the commemorative certificate cannot be used for identity purposes and your marriage certificate must be produced when the ceremony is arranged.
  • Any couple legally married to each other can hold a re-affirmation of vows ceremony.
  • Fees range from $300.00 depending on date and place.
  • If you wish to hold a religious blessing for the marriage you should contact your religious community or speak to our Celebrant who is also an ordained minister. Ceremonies here must remain entirely secular.

Your ceremony guide

Led by  our experienced celebrant and built around the choices you make we hope we will be part of a memorable day celebrating and re- affirming your marriage.

At the heart of the ceremony will be your wish to re-affirm your marriage vows to each other. You will be able to put down fresh markers and re-state your vows and intentions. You have made a commitment to a common vision of the future - a future of being together through life.

There is also that special choice that you have made to make your new vows to each other publicly with your circle of friends and family - those with whom you are choosing to celebrate one of life's special moments and those you turn to in times of need. It may be your choice to acknowledge your thanks to them, or special members of your family, or your children or parents for all the support they provide in your marriage.

We will always encourage you to make some choices and get others (and yourselves) involved in part of the ceremony. We have a collection of readings as well as vows and you can have music and take photographs and video.

Most couples choose to have rings included in the ceremony - you can either re-dedicate the rings from your marriage ceremony or have new rings. The rings can be presented - by the best man from your original marriage ceremony - or a new friend or child - who ever you want to include. You may prefer to give a token of the re-affirmation you are making.

Whatever choices you make we feel sure that it will enhance your enjoyment of the day, and many to come.










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