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What’s Involved ??

Booking a Ceremony

Have ready a list of several alternative times for your ceremony. As you may find that in some cases we are booked out so it is a good idea to have a date far in advance also be aware that by law you can not marry before one month and one day after the appropriate forms have been filled in


Filling in Forms

Before any ceremony a Notice of Intended Marriage must be filled in and witnessed by the Celebrant and he will also have a form for the details you require for your ceremony.


Your Interview

At your interview there are several forms to fill in and documents that you have to bring to validate that you are able to marry, so ask what to bring when you book your wedding, if you have all your documents prepared in advance, you can spend the time with the Celebrant discussing the details that concern you, and getting to know your Celebrant as a person.

It is also more convenient to pay a deposit at this time to lock in your date and should anything go wrong there is always a refund


Contact me on 0741563519 or email me at bundy_celebrant@yahoo.com.au to make an appointment where possible I will come to you.








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